UC Merced Update

Campus to Grow Footprint in 2012


UC Merced CampusUC Merced's bond with the San Joaquin Valley continued to strengthen in 2011.

Last year, UC Merced's ongoing research endeavors produced new knowledge that serves the San Joaquin Valley's community and economy, while the university's burgeoning athletics program became another source of pride for the community.

Additionally, the campus' continued development serves as major source of economic investment during a difficult economy.

"UC Merced was built on the promise to improve lives and bring economic prosperity to the San Joaquin Valley," Chancellor Dorothy Leland said. "Despite unprecedented economic challenges, this young and innovative campus has made substantial progress toward these goals, and it is poised to continue on this path through 2012."'

With nearly 5,200 students, the campus' footprint is growing to accommodate more students and provide additional services. The campus has three construction projects under way and another major one set to begin next year.

Near the entrance to campus, two new student housing buildings are under construction. Set to open in fall of 2013, they'll have 364 built-in beds and will be part of The Summits complex. Also, a second building is being added to the Joseph Edward Gallo Recreation and Wellness Center. The addition will provide much-needed recreation space and meeting rooms for students. Both buildings are being constructed with non-state dollars.

Construction is scheduled to begin this year on Science and Engineering Building 2, which will add important laboratory space for innovative research and more classrooms. Also, a student services building will be built to provide space for staff members who help students in their academic career.