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Innovative Research Highlights Solar Symposium


Solar Symposium

Sarah Kurtz of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory speaks at the UC Solar Research Symposium.



From improving the performance and efficiency of solar cells to using solar technology to speed up fruit drying, a wide array of topics were covered by distinguished scientists at the UC Solar Research Symposium at UC Merced on Dec. 9.

Hosted by the University of California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute (UC Solar), the symposium featured an illustrious list of speakers that included researchers from all five of the UC campuses that comprise UC Solar — Merced, Berkeley, Davis, San Diego and Santa Barbara — as well as other top solar scientists.

The well-attended symposium, held in the California Room, was designed to promote public knowledge regarding present and future UC Solar research initiatives and to examine the current state of the solar energy industry in California and beyond.

Headquartered at UC Merced and led by UC Merced Professor Roland Winston, UC Solar conducts cross-disciplinary research that leads to new and improved solar energy generation technologies and educates the energy industry and the next generation of energy scholars.

UC Merced Chancellor Dorothy Leland, who gave the symposium’s introductory remarks, said the work being done by UC Solar researchers — including those at UC Merced — will make a major impact.

“As the economics of energy production continue to evolve, this solar research holds great promise for applications in agriculture and numerous other fields on a global scale,” Leland said.
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