Humanities Center to be Hub for Discussions, Ideas


In an effort to create more conversations about research, the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts has established the Center for Research in the Humanities and Arts. The center was formed in fall 2008 and continues to expand its activities, with several events planned this year.

The center, one of many throughout the University of California system, serves as a place where students and faculty can have open discussions about their interests and expand their knowledge into other fields. It represents the university’s focus on collaboration across disciplines.

Susan Amussen, a British history professor, serves as the center’s director. The center is part of the University of California Humanities Network, which incorporates the UC Society of Fellows in the Humanities, the University of California Humanities Research Institute and the UC Consortium of Humanities Centers.

Some events, Amussen said, will be designed for faculty as well as the greater Merced community. Humanities, she noted, address issues of interest to society, such as culture and the meaning of life.

“They’re questions you ask whether you’re in school or not,” she said.