Report Highlights Inventions Created by UC Merced Researchers


UC Merced may be the newest research university of 21st century but scientists here are already making significant contributions by creating innovative technologies that have the potential to transform a number of fields.

The Office of Research published a report, “Inventions of the Research Enterprise,” a 50-page document that highlights more than 40 market-ready inventions created by campus researchers between January 2007 and June 2009. Faculty from the schools of Engineering, Natural Sciences and Social Services, Humanities & Arts are represented in the report.

“This report illustrates that UC Merced is on track to fulfill its mission to become a premiere research institution,” said Samuel J. Traina, vice chancellor for research. “Our talented researchers have used the campus’ laboratories and classrooms to produce technologies that have the potential to change lives, benefit industries and help improve communities throughout California, the nation and the world.”

The report provides a snapshot of each invention, including descriptions of how each works, how it can be used, its creators, patent and licensing information and more. Inventions listed in the report include a low-cost method to concentrate solar cells’ efficiency, a therapy that could suppress the ability of the hepatitis C virus to replicate and a technique that increases the power of lasers without reducing their wavelength agility.

Officials at UC Merced and the UC Office of the President also noted that the number of inventions created here in two and a half years is comparable to larger, more established campuses – a noteworthy achievement given that a large proportion of UC Merced faculty are assistant professors who are early in their careers.