UC Merced Update

Alumnus Puts Education and Experience to use at Honeywell


Evelyn HoyoFor Evelyn Hoyo, who earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering in 2012, joining the UC Merced Alumni Association Board was a natural step.

As a student, she was very involved on campus with activities including Greek life, studying abroad and the School of Engineering, including founding the Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity.

Hoyo hopes to help create more programs that connect the board to current students.

“It’s important that we have a connection before students graduate,” she said.

Her vision is to provide opportunities for students to be mentored by alumni so they serve as a resource and connect students with their networks.

Hoyo is grateful for the experiences she had at UC Merced.

“Everything I learned at UC Merced has helped me in one way or another,” Hoyo said. “Whether it be the social and public speaking skills, math and critical thinking, or a foreign language, the many things that UC Merced provided me with have helped me become a better person all around and in turn be better prepared for whatever comes my way.”

These important skills will be the ones that help Hoyo succeed at her position as a flight control software engineer at Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix. She said she’s been able to utilize the skills she learned in her computer science and engineering courses at UC Merced every day on her job.

“I create, modify, test and analyze code in flight control on airplanes, which are the same skills I learned while earning my degree,” she said.

Even though she’s no longer in California, Hoyo plans to stay connected to her alma mater.