UC Merced Update

Volleyball Team Proves it’s Ready for NAIA


Women's volleyball club teamIf there was any question whether UC Merced was ready to take its sports teams to a higher competitive level, the women’s volleyball club team has proved it this year.

When senior Kayla Taylor first joined the team as a freshman, in the club’s second year, the Bobcats struggled to win even a single game of any of their matches. In this season’s opening game, though, UC Merced beat UC Davis’ club team in convincing fashion.

“From then on, we realized what a serious team we’d turned out to be,” said Taylor, now the club’s president. “It was a little shocking to us. It used to be a struggle to win any games, and now we’re taking some matches easily.”

It was an encouraging sign of things to come. Women’s volleyball is one of four sports scheduled to begin play in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics in 2011-12, along with men’s basketball and men’s and women’s cross country.

UC Merced’s acceptance into the NAIA is expected to be approved during the NAIA national convention next week.