UC Merced Update

Campus Plan Wins National Award


The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) has announced that UC Merced’s 2009 Long-Range Development Plan (LRDP) was named a winner of the nation’s leading award for campus planning and urban design.

UC Merced earned an honor award in the category of Excellence in Planning for an Established Campus. It’s the first national award and fourth overall for the 136-page document, which guides the campus’ physical growth, development and land-use priorities.

Campus planners use the LRDP when deciding the locations of future buildings, structures, plazas, parks, roads, infrastructure and natural undeveloped areas. The document also addresses how students, faculty, staff, visitors and vehicles will navigate the campus as it grows to accommodate about 25,000 students in the next 30 years.

UC Merced’s LRDP, adopted in March 2009, sets industry-leading policies, including a “Triple Zero Commitment” to produce as much energy from renewable sources as is used, eliminate landfill waste and produce zero net greenhouse gas emissions, all by 2020.

The LRDP will be featured in the October issue of Planning for Higher Education and will be the focus of a session during the SCUP’s annual convention in Baltimore in July.