Enrollment at UC Merced Grows 26% Over Last Year


If the campus seems busier this fall, that's because it is. The school, which began its fifth year of operation Aug. 25, has 26 percent more students on campus than last year.

There are 3,414 students enrolled this fall, up from 2,718 in the fall of 2008 and 875 in the university's inaugural year of 2005. The current total includes 1,128 freshmen, 145 new transfer students and 71 new graduate students. There are 108 international students who hail from about 30 countries also enrolled this term. Last year, UC Merced had 925 freshmen, 139 new transfers and 66 new graduate students. Based upon admissions numbers and traditional yield rates, UC Merced officials expected 3,200 students on campus this semester.

This puts the campus on track to achieve a total enrollment of 5,000 students by fall 2013.

"UC Merced is fortunate to experience strong growth despite cutbacks in many other parts of the University of California," said Chancellor Steve Kang. "This shows that the UC Office of the President and our sister campuses are committed to our mission and our continued success."

That mission is one of excellence in research, education and service - and maintaining access to the UC system for all eligible California high school graduates.

"The UC system was built to provide a challenging educational experience for the top performers at every California high school," said Kevin Browne, assistant vice chancellor of enrollment management. "If a student meets eligibility requirements, he or she deserves a UC education and the opportunity to earn a UC degree. At UC Merced, we're committed to making that a reality."